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How To Pick-Up an Item or Request Shipping

For most of our sales, pickup will be at our offices in Pueblo West, CO.  A limited number of our sales are conducted “on-site,” so pickup locations may be different.  In each case, the general location will be noted in the auction information and the specific location will be in the winning bidder email sent to you after the event.

Our offices are located at:

446 S. McCulloch Blvd.
Pueblo West, CO  81007 (see MAP)

For questions regarding shipping, please email shipping@345auction.com or call (719) 924-9379.

Pick up for auctions held at our office location is generally Monday-Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm MT. For auctions held “on-site,” we are usually limited to specific days by the consignor. We will post that information before, during, and after the auction indicating the days you can pick up. If you cannot pick up your items on the listed days, you risk not being able to retrieve them however, we will still bill your card for them, and additional charges may apply.

Yes, it certainly is. We ship items domestically and internationally on a regular basis. We will package and ship your items in the most economical method knowing that “most economical” doesn’t always mean cheapest. We are aware of the extra costs involved in shipping and strive to be good stewards because it’s not our money. Email shipping@345auction.com or call (719) 924-9379 to request more information.

Send an email, text, or make a phone call to let us know you want shipping – we’ll do the rest.  We’ll pack, weigh, measure, insure, print mailing labels, buy boxes and all the stuff associated with putting your item in the mail and get it to you in a timely manner.

While most items are shippable, not all items should be shipped. Large furniture items, very heavy items, items with liquid in them, or very fragile items are some of those that might best be picked up rather than shipped. If your purchase is oversized, difficult to transport or too fragile to ship safely, we can provide alternative solutions, but it always comes at a cost! As always, we process and review the best possible method of shipment for your goods and always seek out the most affordable options.

We utilize “Shipping Saint” software for most of our auction shipping needs. With this software, we can ship your item(s) via USPS, UPS, or FedEx depending on the need for your item. If it’s cheap that you want, usually the USPS option fits that bill. However there is a trade-off, namely the insurance amount is limited, signature confirmation doesn’t always occur, and promised delivery dates are non-existent.

Both UPS and FedEx will generally give you a specific date the item will be delivered, the item can be insured for better values, and delivery can be confirmed with actual signatures. We will search the best rates and give you the best solution for the items – remember, cheapest is not always best.
Additionally, we utilize the services of Liberty Pack & Ship, a local company specializing in shipping everything you can imagine to anywhere you want to send it.

Billing for shipping is separate from auction invoices.  After an auction invoice is paid, your items will be prepared and packaged for shipment and costs will be calculated.  You will be sent a message via text and email informing you of the charges and a link with which to pay them.  You will also be asked to confirm your “ship to” address.  Once we have received confirmation you have paid the shipping invoice, we will send your package to you and email you the tracking number.

All bidders are automatically billed for their purchases with their registered credit card 24 hours after an auction has closed.  Customers who require shipping will be billed for their invoice and then separately billed for their shipping/handling fees once their parcel is prepared.

Absolutely!  It costs a little bit more to send with insurance but the little you spend far outweighs the loss you would suffer should your item be damaged, lost, or destroyed.  We also send most packages with Signature Confirmation.  The new criminal enterprise of stealing packages off your porch makes it worthwhile to have a package delivered to an adult who must sign for it.  At least that’s our opinion and from our experience, it wastes too much time trying to track down mishandled parcels.

Pickup & Shipping

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