How To Sell

Steps to Sell an Item at Auction

Simply contact us first!  By contacting us, we’ll be able to give you some guidance as to whether your item(s) is suitable for sale at auction, whether it should be given a good burial or whether it falls somewhere in between.

Feel free to gives a call at (719) 924-9379 if these FAQ’s don’t address your questions or concerns.

I have an item I’d like to sell. What’s the first step?

Contact us first! By contacting us, we’ll be able to give you some guidance as to whether your item is suitable for sale at auction, whether it should be given a good burial or whether it falls somewhere in between. The process is nearly the same whether you have one or many items, but it all starts with one phone call to 719.924.9379. Alternatively, you can access our “Consign an Item” page by clicking HERE. Fill out the requested information, take a few photos, and send it to us. We’ll get back to you quickly and let you know what we can do.

I have an estate to sell, can you do that for me?

Absolutely!  One item, ten items, a thousand items.  We can handle it all.  It doesn’t matter what kind of items either.  We specialize in high quality treasures to be sure, but that doesn’t mean we won’t sell the occasional lawnmower.  It all depends on your needs and what the end result should be.  We won’t limit ourselves to selling via the auction method only, some things just sell better in other venues.

I’ve decided to let you sell my items, what’s next?

We’ll draft a contract for you to sign with all the clauses, provisos, quid pro quos, etc., along with an estimate of costs and a statement of services.  Each item and the sale they are in is unique; each require special attention and attention to detail is where we set ourselves apart from the competition.

How will I get my items to you?

The short of it is you’ll be responsible to bring your items to us.  We can arrange to pick up items from you but if you wish to avoid additional costs . . . well, you know what I mean.  BTW, we’ll need sufficient time to prep your items, so please get them to us at least 4 weeks before your scheduled sale date.

Will I have to pay for storage?

It depends on how long we need to store items, the quantity of items, whether you need to vacate a building to have us store them on short notice, or how well in advance of your scheduled auction sale date we receive them.  Communication is key.  We will store for short periods free of charge, but longer periods require a fee to be imposed.

What if my item needs repair?

It’s our goal to only sell first rate high quality goods to our buyers.  They appreciate the quality and we appreciate not having to deal with unhappy persons who’ve found a flaw in their purchase.  So, inasmuch as is possible, your item must be in good repair for its age and usage.  A 100-year-old piece is not going to be pristine generally, but it must have all the requisite parts attached.  Missing parts may disqualify an item from being sold at our auction, but remember, a piece of primitive furniture can be sold with some flaws while a piece of Louis XIV furniture better be pristine.  Note:  Don’t assume if your item is broken it has no value, let us evaluate it first.  We’ll be glad to give you an opinion of marketability.

Will my item be advertised?

Each auction is advertised individually and there are costs associated with it as a whole.  Special and unique items may also be worthy of advertising and we sometimes choose them out of an auction to highlight.  If your item falls into the special and unique category, we will discuss with you methods to feature your item and the cost that may accompany it.

How do I get paid?
Generally, we will send payment to you within 30 days of auction close. We will send a settlement document listing all the items we sold for you, the prices realized, and the net amount owed to you. Depending on value of the settlement, we will send payment in check form or wire transfer.

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