Rare Post-War Steiff Bear Made In U.S. Zone Germany @ Auction January 11th, 7PM

This first auction of 2024 will start off with a BEAR! Not a bang, but a very rare, very nice, Steiff bear. See link to this lot below, This exceptional 17″ mohair chocolate-brown teddy bear, born from the pre-war era, has transcended temporal boundaries to grace the post-war period with its enchanting presence. Its amber glass eyes exude a timeless allure, complemented by a melodious growler voice and a distinctive early hump back. Meticulously crafted features, such as the black embroidered nose tip, stitched ears, and a swivel head with jointed limbs, showcase the artisanal excellence of its pre-war origins. In good antique or vintage condition. The bear’s exquisite details extend to its felt paw pads, where intricate craftsmanship manifests in the presence of four claws per paw. A yellow tag, proudly bearing the iconic “Steiff” button in block capital letters, resides in its ear. Adding a historical layer, the linen “US Zone” tag declares its origin as “Made in US-Zone Germany,” a hallmark of Steiff’s post-war productions. This rare teddy bear unfolds a unique narrative, embodying characteristics, materials, and forms that resonate with the pre-war era. A testament to Steiff’s enduring legacy, it encapsulates the meticulous artistry that transcended wartime challenges, offering a glimpse into the rich history of toy craftsmanship. Upon verifying authenticity and dating this bear, it has come to our attention that Steiff during the late ’40s-very early ’50s, bears from this period were hard to date. This is because some patterns were made pre-war, put away in storage, and buttoned and distributed post-war. Others were made, buttoned, and sold when the factory reopened for toy production in the late 1940s.

https://345auction.hibid.com/lot/1811… Follow the link to the bear and register for the auction there.

Good Luck!

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